Customization Preferences

You can use our official configuration page to customize the widget and export the parameters for integration.

Swap Widget - Configuration Page:

Swap Settings

  1. Swap Assets - Set swap input and output assets by entering ASA IDs.

  2. Platform Name - Specify the application name, which the swap widget will be integrated to.

  3. Service Fee [Optional] - Tinyman Swap Widget allows projects to cut extra fees from each swap. To be able to use this feature, you should enable it, set a fee percentage, and enter the wallet address you want to receive service fees. (Maximum Fee rate is 5%)

Note: Please ensure this address is opted into the swap input and output assets you specified.


You can modify the color palette and appearance of your Widget.

  1. Widget container (Widget background, iframe background, header title, etc.)

  2. Swap container (Dark/Light theme, button background, button text, etc.)

  3. Custom title

  4. Border radius (Large, Medium, Small, None)

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