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The Tinyman contracts consist of a single stateful smart contract (the Validator App) and a template for a stateless smart contract for each Pool, the Pool LogicSig. The Validator app is created/deployed to the network by the Tinyman team. The Pool contract accounts are created from the Pool LogicSig template by the first Pooler who wishes to provide liquidity. Pool contract account addresses are discovered or verified by Swappers/Poolers using the Pool LogicSig template to generate a specific Pool LogicSig and retrieving the address.

Validator App

    Stateful smart contract
    Created by Tinyman core team
    Fully immutable
      No updates allowed
      No deletion allowed
    No global state
    Local state in Pool, Pooler, Swapper accounts (16 ints, 0 bytes)
    Contains validation and state manipulation logic for all operations

Pool Logic Signature Template

    A stateless smart contract template
    Template variables for asset 1 id, asset 2 id, and Validator App id
    Pool contract account address retrieved by hashing the completed template
    Contains logic to ensure only transactions part of expected transaction groups are signed
    Delegates most logic responsibility to the Validator app by ensuring the transaction group contains a call to the Validator App with appropriate arguments


Validator App ID: 350338509


Validator App ID: 21580889
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