Lending Pools

Lending Pools - An innovative solution developed through the partnership of FolksFinance and Tinyman tailored for the Algorand ecosystem.

Lending Pools are designed to enhance the potential of your assets by integrating the mechanisms of DEXs and Lending platforms.

Features of Tinyman Lending Pools:

  • Dual Yield: Enjoy the benefits of accruing yield from both Folks Finance's lending protocol and Tinyman's liquidity pools simultaneously, e.g. Earn interest on ALGO and USDC deposits through Folks Finance.

  • DEX Pools: Our pools are uniquely composed of interest-bearing assets, amplifying the utility of your deposits. Receive swap fees from the liquidity provided in the Tinyman DEX pool.

  • Asset Utilization: With Tinyman's Lending Pools, your assets work harder, ensuring higher capital efficiency.

This synergy results in deeper liquidity, an increased Total Value Locked (TVL), and amplified yields.

Getting Started with Tinyman Lending Pools:

  1. Visit Tinyman UI – Lending Pools

  2. Select the Lending Pool that you want to invest in.

  3. Click “Add Liquidity” to choose the amount for providing liquidity.

  4. Now, you need to specify the amounts for Lending Pools:

    1. 1st, your assets will be deposited into the Folks Finance Lending Protocol

    2. 2nd, the fAssets representing your Lending Position will be added to respective Lending Pools in Tinyman.

  5. So you can participate in the Lending Protocol and Pools with just one click and earn dual yields!

Ref: Folks Finance - Lending Pools

Special Note on Lending Assets in Tinyman Lending Pools:

When participating in Tinyman's Lending Pools, it's important to be aware of the specific assets used for lending purposes. These assets typically have names beginning with "f-", signifying their function as Folks Finance integrated assets. For example:

  • fALGO: Represents ALGO deposited in Folks Finance, used for earning interest in lending pools.

  • fwBTC: Represents wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) in the Folks Finance lending ecosystem.

These "f-" prefixed assets are central to the operation of Lending Pools, allowing users to seamlessly earn interest on their deposits through Folks Finance, while simultaneously participating in liquidity pools on Tinyman.

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